What to look for when buying tennis shoes

Imagine playing a game of tennis and having to limp around because of a case of bad shoes. It is pathetic to be wearing the wrong kind of shoes while playing such a strenuous game. After all tennis requires you to run around the big grass and clay courts, hitting forehands and backhands with equal finesse. Consequently, tennis shoes should always be such that you have the least tension regarding your feet while concentrating on the game and thinking about how to give your best shots. Tennis shoes are in fact a generic name for all kinds of athletic shoes. It is necessary to have a good pair of shoes irrespective of the game you play. Following are some aspects you need to consider to choose the best pair of tennis shoes.


Find the power:

If you have ever played tennis, then you will understand the supreme amount of effort required in running from one point of the court to another. The powerful serve itself demands that the feet be placed in the perfect position so that you score an ace. Your opponent will see to it that he tires you out by making you run forward and backward in answer to his volleys. Occasionally, you may be able to play a drop shot. But in doing all this, your feet take in the brunt of the impact. So it is extremely important that you have the perfect tennis shoes to counter this effect. You shoes will help you to respond with split-second accuracy.

Take note of the surface:

Tennis is played on different types of courts like clay and grass courts. The world famous Wimbledon matches are played on grass courts whereas the US Open is played on clay courts. Tennis requires that you be fit in all departments of the game. You cannot afford to lose a match because of a poor pair of tennis shoes. Most probably, Roger Federer and Venus Williams would not have been where they are if they would have been found wanting in wearing proper tennis shoes. Of course, it takes much more than just a pair of shoes to be world champions!

Find the perfect shoes:

Tennis shoes have inbuilt molded medial and lateral stabilizer to help in swift running. The special features which make these shoes particularly attractive are slip-resistant structure, extreme toe-drag and full grained leather uppers. Ventilation is another important factor in good shoes to allow your feet to breathe. These features provide stability to you and prevent you from slipping or skidding. You can also come to a sudden stop without stumbling and falling. Since buying a good pair of tennis shoes is so important, you should be ready to dole out a few dollars extra for a good pair of branded shoes. Remember that a good pair of tennis shoes will prove to be a great asset and take your game to the next level.