What Is A High IQ And How To Have One

what is high iq

What is a High IQ?

A person with a high IQ is able to process, cogitate, manipulate, and interpret information at a profounder level and a higher speed than others. Generally, those who receive an IQ score between 110-140 are in the high range of superior intelligence to genius. IQ scores are determined through an IQ test that asks a series of questions that range from analogies, classification, visual, logical or spatial.

How to Have a High IQ?

There are many ways to increase one’s IQ, but it all comes down to stretching your brain by absorbing new things through learning. Whether it be physical activity or cognitive exercises, there are different ways to enhance thinking and problem-solving skills that contribute to ways which tells us how to improve iq.

Physical Exercise and Diet

Doing daily cardio exercise like going for walks, a jog, running intervals, or going for a bike ride are all great ways at keeping your brain healthy. When we exercise, endorphins are released and these have a strong influence on intelligence. Also, exercise encourages blood circulation to the brain, feeds it energy, and allows for better concentration and memory. When we are able to concentrate, we can perform better on cognitive tasks and tests. Eating for intelligence is just as important as exercising for it. Foods like dark chocolate, olive oil, wild salmon, berries, walnuts, beets, and avocados are all great options for keeping your brain healthy and therefore boosting intelligence. Foods that contain Omega-3’s, like fish oil, have showed benefits for overall brain health. Coffee lovers will rejoice knowing that their morning cup of joe actually keeps your brain alert, provides antioxidants to our body, and stimulates neurotransmitters in the brain which allow for improved mood and improved concentration. In order to gain a high IQ, we must eat the right foods and exercise to that we can keep our brain healthy and thriving in order to retain more knowledge and concentrate better.

Learn an Instrument

Learning to play an instrument enhances brain function because frequent practicing of scales and chords, as it has been shown that understanding complicated patterns of notes changes the shape of the brain. Regularly practicing an instrument keeps the brain healthy and alert, too. The section of the brain that controls motor skills, hearing, and memory actually expands and becomes more active when an individual is learning an instrument. So grab a guitar, clarinet, or a flute and get practicing!

Catch Some Zzz’s

Getting enough sleep has been shown to enhance brain function and therefore contribute to gaining a higher IQ. When a person does not get enough sleep, there brain is unable to function at its peak level and may not be able to process information as well. If you do not get enough sleep then you can actually damage your IQ as well, studies have shown. Therefore, take advantage of all the sleep you can get so that you can boost your IQ as high as possible.

There are many practical ways to get a higher IQ, such as exercise, eat well, learn an instrument, and get enough sleep. In addition to these things, a person can also practice healthy habits like drinking enough water, not smoking, and even play chess! It is important to do all these things every day as much as possible so that you can foster a high IQ. It is not impossible to achieve one, it just takes some self-maintenance and effort.