Top Reasons To Buy A New Toilet Seat

toilet seat cover

When it comes to toilets trying to figure out when to buy a new seat or toilet seats cover is a fairly easy thing to do. However, if you have some doubt keep reading the following material it should help to clear things up.

1. Your Toilet can’t be Cleaned

If your toilet is really dirty and it can’t be cleaned, then it’s time for a new one. You will know if your toilet cannot be cleaned. No matter how hard you try to scrub the stains away they will not disappear. If your toilet gets to this point then buy a new one.

2. Your Toilet has a Horrible Smell that will not Go Away

Change your toilet when it has a foul odor that will not go away. This simply means that the bacteria from waste material is so strong that it cannot be wiped clean. If your toilet gets to this point use bleach or ammonia (but not together) to try and wipe the smell out. If this doesn’t work then get a new seat.

3. Replace a Sliding Toilet Seat

Sliding toilet seats are no fun for people to use. It could throw off your aim and cause you to use the bathroom all over the place instead of the toilet. This is especially true for women who must use the seat more so than men. If you cannot tighten up a loose toilet seat, then get a new one.

4. Toilet Seats with Chips, Rips and Cracks

Not everyone has a regular solid plastic toilet seat. Some people have toilet seats that are made out of wood. Other people have toilet seats that are made out of plush material. All of these seats are prone to ripping, tearing and even splintering. Change these seats when you see any of the problems happening to your own seat. Otherwise, you could have a very uncomfortable time using the bathroom.

5. Damaged Toilet Seats

Your toilet seat might be damaged from someone or something falling on it. If this happens then change it. Also, if your whole entire toilet gets damaged then replace your toilet unit and not just change the seat.

6. Moving into a New Residence

When people move into a new home or apartment they should change their toilet seat. The old seat might not have been taken care of very well. A new seat will provide the current occupants a peace of mind when it comes to using the commode.

7. When Waste Material is not the Only Body Fluid you have to Remove

Believe it or not, people do a lot of other “natural” things on their toilet seat. So, if you are in a household where this happens, then get a new seat. Waste material is hard enough to clean. Fluids from other human related activity might be considered more disgusting. Just change your toilet seat if you frequently encounter these fluids.

8. People who Throw Up a Lot on the Seat

People who throw up a lot can ruin a toilet. If a person is drunk or sick, they probably frequently throw up on your toilet and you don’t know it. If a person is constantly hacking and gagging over the seat, then change it. Chances are their sickness can be spread to you in the form of germs.