The Beginner’s Guide: How to Choose the Right Crossbow

2Several companies have expanded their product line and interesting crossbow models to compete against other brands. Also, with a blossoming technology and innovated crossbows, choosing the right one is one of the toughest things to do, especially if you are a beginner. If you are in for hunting or target shooting, here are the top ways to choose the right crossbow.

  1. Choose between recurve and compound crossbows.

Before choosing your desired crossbow, you need to determine whether should you choose compound or recurve crossbows. Below are the pros and cons of each type.

  • Compound crossbows

The compound crossbows are the common modern type of crossbows. In fact, more popular than the recurve type of crossbows due to its lift-off technology, where it reduces the draw weight but produces faster and higher arrow speeds. Additionally, the pulleys and cables enable a narrower ATA (axel-to-axel) length, making every draw smooth, easy, and portable. Even though almost all types of compound crossbows are popular, they too have weak points. According to the experts, the common problems with these types are its strings – it can easily get damaged if used improperly.

  • The Recurve crossbows

The recurve crossbows are known the “purist”, classic, and simple; however, it is the most reliable, accurate, precise, and durable types of crossbows. Although these types are less popular, several professional hunters prefer these types because of the success rate when it comes to hunting. Additionally, most recurves are exceptional when it comes to drawing performance, where it provides powerful shots. Moreover, these types of crossbows are quieter than its counterpart, the compound crossbows. The best Excalibur crossbows are the most common and popular recurve crossbow brand. For over 30 years of service, the company has been providing more efficient and reliable type, making every hunting and target shooting successful.

  1. Choosing with the right speed.

“What is the fastest crossbow?” Most recorded fastest crossbows are the recurve, and tone of the best brands that promote fast shooting is the Excalibur Matrix Mega 405. However, according to the experts, choosing the fastest is not an option, especially for beginners, unless you aim to hunt the fastest running animals or the fastest flying birds. Additionally, fast shooting can be detrimental when it comes to targeting. According to professional hunters, the faster the speed of your arrow, the lesser drop and flatter shooting projectile it will produce. In other words, faster speed of arrows will produce a less perfect draw and less success in hunting. So, instead of choosing for speed, choose a crossbow that complements every shooting factor, such as the weight of the crossbow, the weight of the arrow, the right speed, and a crossbow that is easy and portable to use.

  1. Safety

Do not forget to include your safety when choosing the right crossbow; remember, crossbows are considered equivalent to firearms, so choose something that is safe to use, with the following safety features:

  • Has an anti-dry fire
  • Designed with an auto-engaging safety
  • Designed with forward grip

Lastly, crossbows should be used with safety measures and techniques to ensure success in hunting.