Proper Feeding of Deer



Wildlife has been part of the human since the beginning of time. Animals have been a source of food, a mode of transportation, and more. Also, hunting for recreation has also become a “thing” in most countries. However, to ensure that they do not get extinct, laws and regulations have been made.

One of the wild animals that have been hunted for food and recreation is the deer. That is because they have a great population and are still around until today. In fact, they can even be seen walking around in areas near forests. Most of the time, they are even present in farmlands and big home backyards, especially during times when they ran out of food.

Hence, in order to maintain their health and population, as well as protect human plantations, people can already find some of theĀ best feeders for deer. As the name suggests, these products are wherein individuals will be placing food for the deer to feed on. Thus, they can be fed without them becoming domesticated.

However, it should be remembered that deer cannot just be fed with any type of food. Nevertheless, as similar to humans, deer also have nutritional requirements that need to be met. Additionally, people should consider that deer have very sensitive digestive systems. Hence, they should not be fed with food that is hard to digest.

Since they live in the forest and they are herbivores, the common type of food that should be given is vegetable and fruit. According to some experts, grapes, cherries, apples, carrots, pears, and snap peas are the best food that can be given to them. They can also be given oats to help with their digestive system. Although they are rich carbohydrates by nature, they cannot harm the digestive system of the deer.

The most dangerous plant that should be given to deer is an acorn. Ordinary corns should also not be given to deer since they are complex carbohydrates. In fact, there have been reports wherein some deer die when fed with corn. Nowadays, there are already supplemental feeds that are specially manufactured for deer. Although many question these products, they have been slowly accepted by some counties, towns, or cities in some countries.

However, these feed supplements should be gradually introduced to the deer so that their stomachs can adjust to it. With that in mind, the very first thing to do is add just a little of the supplement to the natural food. After which, the deer feeder refiller will slowly increase the amount. As per the content of these products, the accepted ones are those that contain a mix of oats, soybeans, vitamins, alfalfa, minerals, and molasses. Thus, they are still made of the common plants that the deer consume.

Final Thoughts

Feeding deer is not something that people should refrain from since some countries already allow such. However, people should just make sure that they purchase the right deer feeders, which are sturdy and safe for both animals and humans. Also, they should also familiarize themselves with the types of food and feed supplements that deer can tolerate.