Motorcycle helmets guide

The helmet is equally as important as the motorcycle itself. You shouldn’t just pick any helmet. You should preferably purchase one that will give you comfort and guarantee safety. This article will focus on the different types of helmets and what you should keep in mind while buying. More info on retro and cool motorcycle helmets here.

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What are the Different Type of Helmets?

Knowledge of the different types of helmets will help you make an informed choice. It depends on how you will use your bike and the nature of the terrain.

Full Face Helmets

They are the safest helmets you can ever have. They protect the entire face, unlike other helmets that leave the jaws open. It’s suitable for all forms of riding. However, these full-face helmets are heavy and can be inconveniencing during hot weather.

Open Face Helmets

They cover the back of the head and the crown. Plus, they have a flip down shield feature that is similar to the full face helmets. The advantage of these helmets is the provision of excellent visibility. They are best for scooters and low-speed riders because they don’t protect the entire face.

Modular Helmets

These helmets have a combination of the benefits of the two helmets above. You can quickly switch from a full-face to an open face helmet, by just pushing a button. They are ideal for long distance riders because of the comfort in switching to open face when necessary. However, they require regular maintenance.

Half Helmets

They only cover the top end of the head. They are not suitable for safety conscious riders or beginners because they offer very little protection. It’s recommendable you purchase one that has a sturdy chin strap.

Off-Road Helmets

These helmets have a sticking out sun peak and elongated chins. Others have visors that protect you from sun and debris in off roads. They are for off-road sports biking.

Things to Consider

Now that you are familiar with the several types, below are some of the things you should consider before buying a motorcycle helmet.

  • The Material Quality the Helmet

You should choose a helmet made with fiberglass because it aids in the absorption of impact in case of an accident. The inner liner should be sweat and oil proof. The padding should fit smoothly and provide you with comfort. The chin strap should have a sturdy locking mechanism.

  • The Fitting of the Helmet

The helmet must fit you correctly. A tight helmet may cause headaches, and a loose one will sway while riding. However, helmets come in many sizes.

  • The Type of Bike You Ride

For adventurer riders, a modular helmet is ideal, because it allows you to raise the face shield when necessary. A casual rider should opt for half helmets. Sports riders should get a full face helmet for maximum safety.

Another feature you can consider includes the price. However, you should get something that is both affordable and efficient. There’s no need for you to get something that will require constant repair and maintenance.

Helmet Replacement and Maintenance

The thing with helmets is that they won’t serve you for eternity. You will have to replace it when it crashes. But, a good helmet can last for up to five years. It’s, therefore, best if you invest in a good helmet.

Once you are in possession of a helmet, you should handle it as per the manufacturer’s instructions. You can clean it using microfiber towels and mild soap. You can make a habit of wearing a skullcap to prevent sweat from getting to the liner.

With the above information, you can now make the right choice. You should get a helmet that is tailored to meet all your needs. You should also take care of it so that it serves you for long.