Gym Beginners! Master These Workouts To Start Building Muscles

beginner gym workouts

For those of you just starting out in your fitness journey, here are some quick, easy exercises that are perfect for gym beginners! Don’t waste time with exercises that take months to produce results. Master these workouts to start building muscles now. All these exercises target particular muscles but are also great full-body workouts. Just three sets of twelve repetitions of the muscle and fitness beginner workout below can lead to quick results for gym beginners!

Butt and Legs

Your legs and buttocks are the largest muscles in your body and thus need to be a focus area of any fitness regime. Lunges and squats are the quickest ways to tone your gluteus maximus (butt), quadriceps (front of your thighs), and hamstrings (back of your legs). Although you can see some results from these exercises without adding any extra weights, adding resistance will build muscle faster.

Let’s start with squats. First, stand with your legs slightly farther out than your hips. Then squat down until your butt is a few inches above the floor, making sure to keep your knees more or less parallel to your ankles. The farther apart your feet are, and the deeper you squat, the more you’ll activate your butt and legs. You can also add a barbell to your shoulders to increase the intensity.

For lunges, stand with your legs parallel and take a step forward, and then bring your back knee down until it’s a about 2 inches above the floor. To prevent injury, make sure your front knee is parallel to your ankle. For a deeper exercise, add hand weights. Ten to twelve lbs. are usually good for women; men can go 15lbs or higher. Add a bicep curl after each lunge for an added arm boost.

All About Abs

To trim your belly, you should do regular aerobic exercise, crunches, and planches. People usually don’t associate aerobic exercises with muscle-building, but when it comes to abs, what you need to focus on is melting away fat. Some good exercises are spinning, power walking, or light jogging, 3-4 times a week for about 30 minutes each time.

Almost everyone has done crunches or seen others do them. What’s important to keep in mind is that form is paramount: you need to make sure to pull up using your stomach muscles, not your neck or shoulders. Keeping your feet firmly on the floor and feeling the “burn” in your abs are some ways to ensure you’re working the proper muscles.

Tone your full body

Planches are great full-body exercises, but they’re especially good for your abdominal muscles. Just lay down and pull yourself up so only your hands and toes are touching the floor, making sure to keep your butt tucked in and your abs pulled up. Gym beginners should hold the position for about thirty seconds to start, then work their way up to 60-90 seconds. You can add seven to ten push-ups at the end for a great chest workout.

A typical workout? Go for a bike ride and then spend 20-30 minutes doing lunges, squats, crunches, and planches–pretty easy even for total gym beginners!