Electric Toy Train Sets That Adults Love

Trains that Adults like


Train sets are majorly enjoyed by youngsters to enhance their creative minds and provide fun. Advanced train sets provide adults with a similar form of entertainment. For many, it takes them down memory lane, reminding them of their childhood and for some others, it’s simply a means of relaxation.

Whatever the purpose, it’s unarguable that playing with electric toy trains sets some kind of nostalgic and enthusiastic feelings. In our research, we have chosen the best picks as the four best train sets that adults love.

Lionel Pennsylvania Flyer Train Set

This train set was specifically built for adults but can be enjoyed with your kids if you have any. It is a top notch quality train set that can be used for a pretty long while because of the build quality and craftsmanship.

This electric train set for adults has a remote control for the power and walk around fun. Its features include a powerful locomotive and coal load, bell sounds and special announcement for fun as well as an operating headlight. What a great way to enjoy your weekend with friends!

The Bachmann Rail Chief Ready to Run Electric Train Sets

Bachmann industries are recognized for manufacturing building high quality train sets and this specifically is loved by many adults. If you have a low budget, this will work fine for you and can be enjoyed by kids as well. It is a locomotive diesel train with bright headlights. This electric train features many street signs, figurines, an EMD GP40 replica locomotive, a hooper, a gondola, a box car and caboose.

Many train enthusiasts consider this Bachmann rail chief the most popular train size. Although this train, unlike other Bachmann brands, does not puff smoke from the locomotive, it has a working headlight. After a long day at work or during weekends, playing with these trains is a great way to relax your minds and stay entertained.

Bachmann Industries Super Chief-N Scale Ready to Run Electric Train Set

The Bachmann Industries Super Chief-N train set is quite complex and a bit difficult for kids to assemble. This may be one of the reasons adults love this pick. It is totally not recommended to be used by kids since the super train electric toy constitutes a transformer and wiring that may be a little dangerous for your little ones.

If your kids must play with this train set, you must ensure complete supervision. The complete set is made up of three train cars, one train engine car and a remote control to turn it on and off. The set is especially popular among high school friends and even advanced adults.

Bachmann Industries Thomas’ Christmas Express Ready to Run Electric Train Set

If you are familiar with the cartoon series“Thomas and Friends”, then you may find this interesting. This electric train features Thomas transporting Christmas presents on his train. Thomas is clothed with Christmas apparel and drives the train like a delivery man who must ensure that the merchandise arrives safely for the island of Sodor Holiday party.

Although it was originally designed for kids, many adults have given positive reviews on this famous electric train since it has proven to serve their interests as well.


You can find any of these selected four best train sets that adults love on Amazon, eBay and other online shops. These electric trains are great for relaxation and in-house entertainment.