Do You Really Know What Makes A Miter Saw Great

miter saw vs table saw


We have often been approached with a question that involves both the mainstream kind of saws. The winner of the debate miter saw vs table saw depends on your use case. Our effort in putting the below together is to help you arrive at the right answer for your situation.

DeWalt DW713

Specialists say the 10-inch DeWalt DW713 conveys all that you could need from a compound kind of miter saw: control, exactness, convenience, and smooth operation.

It has a liberal cutting limit concerning a saw its size, yet weighs only 35 pounds. Its greatest shortcoming is the absence of a laser guide or works light; DeWalt offers these as optional extras. However, they won’t fit most forms of this saw.


  • Blade breadth 10 inches
  • Maximum cutting limit – 6.25 inches vertical, 14 inches level Bevel

DeWalt DW717

The best entertainer in examination tests, the DeWalt DW717 consolidates strong execution with adaptability. This double slope saw has adequate cutting limit, miter range, and incline run.

Proprietors portray it as smooth, exact, and determinedly assembled, and they adore the discretionary LED work light that serves as a cutting aid. Commentators are separated over its clean gathering, however, with some calling it great and others saying it’s unremarkable best case scenario.


  • Blade distance across – 12 inches
  • Maximum cutting limit – 6.5 inches vertical, 8 inches flat Bevel sort – Single

DeWalt DW715

DeWalt’s DW715 has one of the biggest limits in its class, slicing up to 6.5-inch baseboard against the fence. This 12-inch, a single-slant compound miter saw is added to a significant degree exact, on account of a strong, simple to-modify miter bolt and detent abrogate. Its active form suits the two mortgage holders and experts. One drawback is the absence of a laser or LED cutting aide; DeWalt offers one, yet most forms of the saw can’t utilize it.

Specs that Matter

  • Blade distance across – 12 inches
  • Maximum cutting limit – 7.5 inches vertical, 16 inches level Bevel sort – double

DeWalt DWS780

The double slant DeWalt DWS780 is a mammoth of a saw. This 12-inch sliding miter saw gloats incredible cutting limit, an extensive range of both calculated and inclined cuts, and controls that are anything but difficult to peruse and alter.

The two experts and clients adore the built-in LED work light that gives you a chance to utilize the shadow of the sharp edge as a cutting aid. The principal drawbacks are blended surveys for clean accumulation and the sliding component.

Compound miter saws that are significantly better

As per specialists, a compound miter saw is a standout amongst the most valuable instruments you can possess for home change and renovating errands. Notwithstanding vertical cuts, these multi-talented apparatuses can reduce points by turning the saw, slice corner to corner through the load up’s face by tilting the cutting edge or do both in the meantime. This makes compound miter saws fantastically adaptable, fit for cutting anything from studs, harsh timber and baseboards to fragile trim.

Compound miter saws are ordered by the extent of the edge. Cutting edges extend from 7 to 14 crawls in the distance across, yet 10-inch and 12-inch saws are the most well-known.

  • 10-Inch Compound Miter Saws

A saw this size is fit for handling the most widely recognized wood shop and property holder ventures: cutting confining timber, entryway and window trim, crown shaping, and even Bureau and furniture parts. It likewise costs less, measures less, and consumes up less space than a bigger saw, and it’s equipped for imparting edges to a table saw.

  • 12-Inch Compound Miter Saws

On the off chance that you routinely cut bigger wood stock, deciding on the larger sharp edges of a 12-inch miter saw can bode well. These saws would more be able to deal with stock both resisting the fence and lying level. Be that as it may, as a saw’s size builds, so does its value, weight and multifaceted nature.