Comparing Electric And Manual Meat Grinders For The Kitchen

electric versus manual grinders

Making use of meat grinders in the house is dependable regarding, you are aware of what you are eating, as compared to the time when you get ready-made minced meat. You may utilize manual meat grinders or electric meat grinders. It is remarkable that when you grind the meat in the house with these gadgets, you can control the quality as well as the mass of meat. Moreover, you can organize the amount of fat in the meat. Meat grinders ensure you that the sausages, burger or ground turkey your family is eating is safe.

Ease of use

You may consider that manual meat grinders are tools used in olden days. But it is not so. They are still made use of extensively due to their easy-to-use design and assurance of giving clean minced meat. You are required to attach them to each other, but it is an easy task to implement. As a first stage, ensure that none of the grinder’s spare parts has caught rust. Clean them and make them dry fully. Albeit there may be a range of the sizes and shapes of the portions, elementary parts that manual meat grinders comprise of is central body having clutches to be fixed to the surface of the table or platform, a handle with a feeder resembling a screw, a metallic plate and cutting blade and a neck.

Other parts to be careful with

You will have to place the knob on the feeding screw into the body. The knob has to be operated with no trouble after getting fixed, as, when it doesn’t, in a short while it will become non-functional owing to abrasion and the grinding and eviction of the grinder too will stop working. Then bind the pounding blade with the bolt which projects out from the big screw-like part of the knob and afterwards the eviction plate. For the meat to get crushed minutely, the apertures of the extrusion plates should be the minute. After assembling the grinder, link it rigidly to a secure surface such as your kitchen platform. When you operated the knob, the body of the grinder must not move. You can select all-metal or plastic devices for the grinder. Metal implements will work for you appropriately and carry on for long.


Both electric and manual meat grinders come with a warranty; the warranty spans from a certain number of months to a year. Nearly all electric meat grinders possess three plates, each one being of the different size for the various amount of fineness of the ground mat. Some even are given with funnels to make sausage, and when you want to have different sizes of sausages, you can also buy a grinder that has two funnels.

You should take care of your meat grinder to make it perform your task powerfully for a longer period. You should clean it taking tepid water and a bit of dish soap. Be keen that the meat fastened into the plates is removed. After cleaning, the grinder needs to be neatly dried and applied a dash of cooking oil to keep it protected from rust. Keeping it covered with cloth or paper in a dry spot is recommended.