Catit Hooded Litter Box: Everything You Need to Know About It

3Cats are reputed for their cleanliness. And they can sustain such need by themselves. As long as you provide them with an excellent litter box where they can privately do their thing then they are good to go. Cats by instinct automatically cover their scent without being told. However, it matters to choose the right litter box for them, at least give them the one that they will be most comfortable with using. Truth is, litter boxes can vary in shape, color, and sizes. And sadly, not all of them fit best for your cat.


When shopping for your cat’s toilet, there are various factors you need to consider. You have to look for a box that has the size ideal for your furry friend. Choosing too small or too big might cause your cat to stay away from it. Also, you need to know how much privacy your cat needs for its toilet. Though some would not bother having an open toilet, others still opt for a covered litter box. Also, it is best to plan how many litter boxes will be needed in your home and the site where you intend to position them.


Choosing among the various litter boxes in the market can be easier said than done. Well, reading this article can be a good start. It will specifically mention a jumbo hooded litter box from Catit, the one that is touted to be the best-hooded litter box on the market these days. It comes with a very generous size and made for robust use considering its sturdy construction.


Well, you always have the option to choose an open litter box. But once you made the decision to choose this, you also lose the control in dealing with the odor. It’s cost effective but expects that it won’t filter the scent coming from the box to the entire room.


However, covered litter boxes do the opposite thing. Aside from the privacy they offer, they can also control odors effectively and contain urine spray within the box as well as prevent litter spread. If the box will be kept out in the open, covered litter boxes are most ideal. And the best one in the market so far is Catit hooded cat litter box.


Catit has durable construction and designed with deep litter pan as well as the large hood. And yes, it is budget friendly too! It comes with a large opening that can contain any size of the cat. Hence, if you have more than one cat at home then this can be a good choice. If you look closely at its hood, you will notice that it comes with a carbon filter system. This is meant for odor control and for dust reduction as well. Such structure is also BPA free. Other features of the box include a carry handle that makes the box very handy. It also has side latches that are used to secure its cover.


Do you know that Catit’s Hooded Litter Pan is one of Amazon’s best sellers? In fact, this was recognized as one of the top ten best litter boxes in 2017. It was acclaimed for its huge size as well as great depth. It is also praised for its ability to control odor very well. In fact, this was awarded to be the “best bang for a buck”. A lot of cat owners love its affordable cost too and just felt so satisfied with its high-quality construction.